A Major Milestone in Improving Resuscitation Quality

Celebrating 1 million life support certifications achieved in healthcare with the American Red Cross Resuscitation Suite™

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More than 200,000 adult cardiac arrests take place in U.S. hospitals every year—and almost 3 in 4 are fatal. The nationally recognized panel of medical, scientific, and academic experts behind the American Red Cross Resuscitation Suite are working to improve those outcomes through this adaptive, evidence-based program.

At HealthStream, we’re committed to driving the next decade of quality improvement in resuscitation outcomes by helping healthcare organizations across the country train to a higher standard with the Red Cross Resuscitation Suite.

Together with the Red Cross, we have supported more than 5,000 healthcare facilities achieve compliance in Basic Life Support (BLS), Advanced Life Support (ALS), and Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS).

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Together we can improve the quality of resuscitation care and patient outcomes.

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Nominate Your Team for National Recognition

Offered exclusively by the Red Cross, the National Lifesaving Awards recognize teams and individuals who have taken extraordinary action to respond when an emergency occurred.

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Amercian Red Cross Lifesaving Awards

Depending on the role or training received by an individual or team, you can nominate the heroes at your organization for demonstrating their dedication to saving the lives in the community you serve.

Learn more and submit nominations here

Accepting Red Cross certifications can help drive organizational efficiency.

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Policy Change Can Optimize Patient Care and Savings

When it comes to advancing resuscitation education while controlling costs and improving outcomes, many organizations have made the Red Cross Resuscitation Suite their program of choice, including the Military Training Network.

Does your organization’s policy accept Red Cross certification?

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With over 1 million Red Cross certifications in healthcare, now is the time to ensure your policy accepts certifications from the American Red Cross. Don’t spend unnecessary time or money recertifying new team members that are already compliant.

Start with our Resuscitation Training or Certification Requirement policy templates to drive better efficiency in your organization.

Hear how the American Red Cross Resuscitation Suite has helped advance HCA's training.

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Advancing Resuscitation Training with HCA

Watch the video to see how and why HCA Healthcare Center for Clinical Advancement has made the Red Cross Resuscitation Suite™ their program of choice. Read this article to learn more about how the suite helps HCA save lives.

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“When the opportunity to partner with HealthStream and the American Red Cross for the American Red Cross Resuscitation Suite [was presented], we really doubled down on this platform by, obviously, the science, the ease of use, the flexibility and adaptability and then, of course, the interval learning that we can use to our advantage.”

Justin Laferty, CHSE, CHSOS Director, Simulation and Technology HCA Healthcare Center for Clinical Advancement

Ensure that your team receives the best resuscitation training possible to improve outcomes, accuracy, and consistency.

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Train to a Higher Standard for BLS, ALS, and PALS Certification

To improve outcomes, accuracy, and consistency in response we must change the way we think about resuscitation training. That’s why we’re proud to collaborate with the Red Cross, the premier provider of resuscitation and first aid training.

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The Red Cross Resuscitation Suite goes beyond a cardiac focus and incorporates a broad spectrum of evidence-based recommendations from organizations representing pediatricians, emergency and critical care physicians, surgeons, and obstetricians.

  • Consistent with well-established guidelines for U.S. resuscitation programs
  • Founded on ILCOR’s scientific guidelines, the world’s most authoritative source for resuscitation knowledge
  • Focused on optimizing team response, ensuring high-quality CPR performance, and improving real-world critical thinking and response time

Use innovative technologies for immediate and objective skills feedback.

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Objective Feedback Promotes Accuracy and Precision

Consider our innovative manikins the instructor that never sleeps. We understand it isn’t always easy to take your staff off the floor to verify their CPR skills. These technologically advanced manikins, paired with the Skills application, allow your staff to self-identify with their hStream ID so they can practice and verify their skills on their schedule.

Person practicing resuscitation using a mankikin.

Our innovative manikins help enhance resuscitation competency with immediate, visual feedback.

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The manikins work with the Resuscitation Skills app to give learners objective and numeric data to improve the quality of CPR performance.

  • Unbiased, sensor-based digital measurements allow for more accurate feedback than an instructor’s visual assessment alone
  • Comprehensive, real-time CPR performance data on compression depth, rate, recoil, and hand position
  • Learner scorecard with an overall score and performance scores across eight key competencies

The most flexible resuscitation program in healthcare

We understand that a “one-size-fits-all” approach to resuscitation training doesn’t help your organization improve outcomes. That’s why we allow you to select the delivery for this program that’s right for your organization:

  • Icon of computer monitor and person giving instruction Adaptive online education with instructorless skills verification for 24/7 certification
  • Icon of laptop with open book floating overheadAdaptive online education with instructor-led, in-person skills verification
  • Icon of person instructing group of people online Fully live, instructor-led education and skills verification

Contact us today to learn how the American Red Cross Resuscitation Suite can help your organization achieve BLS, ALS, & PALS compliance while saving you money.